Outlook is one of the preferred email clients that are used by millions of users across the world. It brings in Contacts, Tasks, Calendars, Emails, and other features under one roof. This Microsoft’s email client is used for both personal and professional use. To log in, you can use your Microsoft account email ID. However, if you don’t have that, then create a new account by providing the required credentials

Every time you have to access your account, it is the username and the password which is required to be entered in the sign in form. If you fail to log in, then there could be two reasons:

  • The username or the email ID you have entered is wrong
  • The password you have provided is incorrect

In the first case, check the spellings of your email ID or username, and in the latter case, reset Outlook password by executing these steps:

Through Recovery Email ID

Like any other email client, Outlook also asks you to provide an email ID during the sign up process. This email ID becomes your recovery email. In other words, whenever you forget your Outlook email’s password, you can get it back by using this email. Here is how:

  • Go to Outlook website
  • Under the Sign in window, click Forget Outlook password
  • Here, you will see the option to enter your Recovery email and get an Outlook password recovery link on it
  • Once you receive the URL, click it to proceed to Outlook password reset process

Through Recovery Phone Number

This process is precisely similar to the aforementioned process to reset Outlook password. The only difference is that here you will receive a code on your registered mobile number. Provide that code to the website and recover your Outlook mail password.

Another way to recover Outlook password is to provide the answers to all security questions. If you want to change your Outlook password, access email settings, go to profile, and then change the password. If you want to know anything else about your Outlook mail password reset, then reach out to our expert team. We would be happy to serve you.