Tech Support

Here are some tips for better tech support that will help keep users happy so that they remain loyal customers.

Think Before Outsourcing

Tech support gives a massive opportunity to influence the overall user experience of a product. However, make sure that the tech support team must know the product inside out. This is why it is best to think things through before outsourcing the handling of tech support.

Before considering the outsourcing of tech support, ask the following questions:

• Can the company guarantee the experience will be reliable every time?
• How can the company measure the product knowledge in the people dealing with customers on their behalf?
• Are the customers expecting to hear familiar accents and speak to people from within their own country?

If they can get this right, outsourcing can be an excellent way to reduce costs. However, if a company gets it wrong, it can negatively impact all the hard work put into developing the product, making the sale, as well as meeting the customer’s needs until that point.

Treat Tech Support With The Same Degree Of Importance As Sales

Consider the impact different parts of a business have on one another, and in that respect, tech support is no different. Each time the marketing and sales teams acquires a new customer, they are counting on excellent service to retain them. The first stage of contact a customer will have once they have installed the product is tech support. However, tech support is not just about handling incoming customer queries. Companies also use tech support to cross-sell and upsell products and features to customers.

Tech Support

Implement The Five Levels Of Tech Support

A well-structured tech support system is actually difficult to find these days. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it is not unusual to see small companies having all their support ending up at the founder or CEO. However, as a business grows, make sure the customers’ needs are met efficiently and as fast as possible. It is definitely not an affordable or sensible idea to have the CTO answering all the support tickets in queue, so it is best to consider implementing the five tech support levels to filter out simple queries that can be handled by a much more junior member of the team. By implementing the five levels of tech support, it will keep the customers happy since they get a fast response, but more importantly, it will increase their profitability as most queries can be handled by someone who earns much less than the CEO or CTO.

Tech Support

Control The Conversation Outside The Ecosystem

If a user runs into a problem, their first line of support might be an online forum or social media. Therefore, it is important to monitor user conversations outside their platform. If the company can take the time to contribute to the discussions taking place online about its product, it can go a long way.


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