Steps to change Outlook password?

Changing Outlook password is required when you feel that someone has access to your Outlook account. To secure your account as well as to prevent it from cybercrimes, set a new password for it by following these instructions:

  1. Open any web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox
  2. Go to Outlook website
  3. Provide your username and then enter the registered password to sign in
  4. Hit the Sign in button
  5. Go to Settings and then Select Change Password
  6. Set a new password
    1. Make sure you read the password guidelines for the same
  7. Then Enter it again to confirm
  8. Click Save or Submit to finish the process

Congratulations! You have successfully changed your password.

Steps for Outlook password reset

Forgot Outlook password? Don’t worry; you can reset or recover it by executing a few instructions:

  1. Go to Outlook website
  2. Click Sign in, and enter your registered Outlook email ID
  3. Click Next and then Enter
  4. When you prompt to ask the password, click Forget password
  5. Enter your recovery email and then click Submit
  6. An Outlook password reset link will be sent to this ID
  7. Access that mail, search for the password reset email
  8. Click the URL given in the email and proceed according to the password reset instructions
  9. Enter the new password twice and then hit Next
  10. You can now access your Outlook account with this password!