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Initiate conversations with a query to get prompt responses. The live chat works best for every type of business.

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Build your own portal to integrate the services for an advanced support team performance across the platform.

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Assess the efficiency of the system by studying the sentiments of each customer to improve your services.

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Text messages and attachments can be sent within seconds to establish a clear communication system.

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Our portal maintains its quality by updating the data we have to set up the best experience for the clients.

Customer Sentiment Analysis

Make the right choice by understanding the trends and behavior of the customer through the analysis.

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All our services are secured all over the network by complying with the online support rules of the state.


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5 Levels of Tech Support

Tech Support

A well-structured tech support system can also be split into five distinct levels.


Today, users get on their laptop or smartphone and google their issues, often finding solutions on online chat forums and YouTube videos. It is important to remember that for each good review, there might be innumerable customers complaining who have not had their problems solved and go out of their way to share their experience about it online. Hence, online forums, social media, and website comments can be seen as the first line of defence for the customer.



The next level in tech support is self-service, which allows users to try and help themselves, managing with the help of FAQs, knowledge bases and self-help wikis. For several users, this is a fast and easy alternative to ringing up a help desk and waiting for their response via email.

First Line of Support

Just as can be expected, knowledge bases and FAQs cannot answer everything. Sometimes, users cannot get the answers they want and need to speak to a human. For most customers, first-line support is the first level of contact with someone from within the company. First-line support basically concentrates on the most common queries. The support personnel at this level have a general understanding of the product or service but might not always have the competence needed for solving complex issues. The goal of this level is to handle seventy to eighty per cent of the user problems before finding it necessary to raise the issue to a higher level.

Second Line of Support

Line of Support

The issues become more complex at this stage, particularly since end-users are becoming more and more tech-savvy per year. The New York Times even found that 73% of tech support managers stated that the complexity of support calls is rising because customers are increasingly becoming more technologically sophisticated and can resolve relatively simple issues on their own. This means that the twenty-five to thirty per cent of tech support queries that could not be handled in first-line support end up and are much more complicated.

The second line of support requires staff to have in-depth knowledge of the product in order to address such support requests and provide technical guidance, as well as the ability to talk to users over the phone and help them find a solution. However, even these requests require even more expertise sometimes.

Third Line of Support

Customer support is the zenith of tech support for the vast majority of customers. Third line support manages outlier cases that level pre-support, which the second line could not handle, meaning that third line tech support is most likely to be managed by a designated superuser or someone from the R&D department. Generally, by the time the user issue reaches the third level of tech support, the issue would have become so complex that it would need the involvement of custom work to solve it.

Third Line of Support

4 Tips for Better Tech Support

Tech Support

Here are some tips for better tech support that will help keep users happy so that they remain loyal customers.

Think Before Outsourcing

Tech support gives a massive opportunity to influence the overall user experience of a product. However, make sure that the tech support team must know the product inside out. This is why it is best to think things through before outsourcing the handling of tech support.

Before considering the outsourcing of tech support, ask the following questions:

• Can the company guarantee the experience will be reliable every time?
• How can the company measure the product knowledge in the people dealing with customers on their behalf?
• Are the customers expecting to hear familiar accents and speak to people from within their own country?

If they can get this right, outsourcing can be an excellent way to reduce costs. However, if a company gets it wrong, it can negatively impact all the hard work put into developing the product, making the sale, as well as meeting the customer’s needs until that point.

Treat Tech Support With The Same Degree Of Importance As Sales

Consider the impact different parts of a business have on one another, and in that respect, tech support is no different. Each time the marketing and sales teams acquires a new customer, they are counting on excellent service to retain them. The first stage of contact a customer will have once they have installed the product is tech support. However, tech support is not just about handling incoming customer queries. Companies also use tech support to cross-sell and upsell products and features to customers.

Tech Support

Implement The Five Levels Of Tech Support

A well-structured tech support system is actually difficult to find these days. Everyone needs to start somewhere, and it is not unusual to see small companies having all their support ending up at the founder or CEO. However, as a business grows, make sure the customers’ needs are met efficiently and as fast as possible. It is definitely not an affordable or sensible idea to have the CTO answering all the support tickets in queue, so it is best to consider implementing the five tech support levels to filter out simple queries that can be handled by a much more junior member of the team. By implementing the five levels of tech support, it will keep the customers happy since they get a fast response, but more importantly, it will increase their profitability as most queries can be handled by someone who earns much less than the CEO or CTO.

Tech Support

Control The Conversation Outside The Ecosystem

If a user runs into a problem, their first line of support might be an online forum or social media. Therefore, it is important to monitor user conversations outside their platform. If the company can take the time to contribute to the discussions taking place online about its product, it can go a long way.

Essential Tips for Better Tech Support

Tech Support

Tech support has always held the ground of importance as it provides a path for the team and the company to move forward. The different elements that it brings to the table manage to get things going and bring about a clear picture on the matter. Due to that, it is always important to look into ways to tighten tech support and make the most of the process. For that purpose, we are here with a few tips that can do the trick for the better.

Tech Support

Understand the Need/Requirement for Outsourcing

Jumping to conclusions and moving ahead to outsource everything is not the right way to move forward with anything. You need to analyze the situation and look into the need or requirement for outsourcing. And moving forward should only be considered if the requirement seems to be a genuine one. While outsourcing can be a great way to reduce costs, it tends to come with other disadvantages that take things in the wrong direction. As a result, you need to look into the same and come up with a decision that suits your company.

The Five Levels of Tech Support

If you’re not going to implement the five levels of tech support, then the entire purpose of the activity tends to head in the wrong direction. You will be forced to counter challenges that question the reason behind the dynamic shift in productivity and how everything is turning out to be a nightmare. Due to that, implementing tech support should always be done after understanding the task and all that comes with the same. Exploring the five levels (Pre-Support, Self-Service, 1st Line Support, 2nd Line Support & 3rd Line Support) will surely help you get it all.

Never Disregard Tech Support

A lot of companies and organizations have the tendency to disregard tech support and not treat it like the rest. Giving more preference to the sales team, providing other departments with bonuses, and ignoring tech support will not do you any good. Due to that, it is always important to acknowledge the same and look towards building a dynamic system that works for the betterment of all departments. In this manner, employees can learn a lesson or two on unity.

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Tools and Resources

Providing tech support with the required set of tools and resources is one among the most important ways to make the most of the process. Since tech support is a field that is constantly changing, they tend to adapt to different techniques in a matter of time. As a result, being alter about these changes and ensuring that everyone gets to use the right kind of tools is essential, and you should always look towards making the most of the process.